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About US

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For over 10 years we have been trading between African and America. We are an International commercial company based in USA with regional office in Togo for West Africa. We specialize in shipping, rental, electronics, and African foods. Our company currently has four (4) departments:

  • Shipping department
  • Travel and rental department
  • Electronics department
  • African foods department

We have several departure ports in USA to ship your automobiles, goods, or full containers from. As an international container shipping company with shipping lines sailing to all coastal countries in Africa, we can offer expedient shipping for a variety of products, such as consumer and capital goods, food and beverages, industrial supplies and materials, and even automotive vehicles (cars, parts, and engines).

We want to ensure our customers have access to car rental services at the lowest possible prices so that they could not only save time by dealing with us  but could also have confidence that they are getting excellent value for money as well as great service.
We also sell electronics such computers and IT and multi-media accessories, cell phones and digital cameras etc…To help our Africans customers in USA to keep the taste of African meals we offer fresh and organic African foods.

We have developed a worldwide network of quality agents located in most major cities around the globe with the goal to help your business expand and streamline its exports and/or imports.

Why do business with us?

  • A dedicated, competent, and reliable shipping coordinator who will assist you in the entire moving/shipping process.

  • A complete shipping service, a complete travel service, a timely delivery on all shipments and orders.

  • Haven't dealt with us yet? Interested in finding out how we may be able to improve your business experience? Call Us at 240-838-2509 or 202-710-0325 to get a FREE quote.