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  • A dedicated, competent, and reliable shipping coordinator who will assist you in the entire moving/shipping process.

  • A complete shipping service, a complete travel service, a timely delivery on all shipments and orders.

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What we do


goods and cars shipping imageWith more than 10 years of experience in shipping containers to Africa, you can rest easy knowing we can take care of all the details. We ship containers, goods, and vehicles from DMV (Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland) to TOGO, BENIN, and GHANA using two methods:

  1. Roll on Roll off(RoRo) method
  2. Use this car shipping method if only one or two cars needs to be shipped. Nothing can be inside the car the trunk except for the jack and spare tire. Since there is a ramp, the car must be able to drive up and down without any mechanical assistance. Once the car is aboard the ship it is strapped to the ship's deck to prevent it from moving. All ships will rock while out to sea.

  3. Container Shipments
  4. The container method involves loading the vehicle into a container for shipment. The containers available include a 20 ft. as well as a 40 ft. model. The difference between the two is that a 20 ft. container can only fit one vehicle, whereas a 40 ft. container can fit two vehicles. One big advantage of choosing the container method is that you have the option of shipping personal items along with your vehicle, which you cannot do with the RoRo Ship.

An exclusive or shared container can be used to ship a car to Africa. By using an exclusive container, only your cars and belongings are packed in the container. If you don't mind a shared container shipment, you share the container with other cars that are being shipped from the USA to Togo, Benin, and Ghana.
Container shipments are available whereby you may load personal goods in the car you are shipping. Since this means a person would be shipping more stuff, it is normally more expensive than Roll on Roll off shipping.

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Rental & Transit

car and house rental service imageWe import and sell used cars of all makes, model, and year. In addition to our car sale service, our regional office in Togo provides car rental service at very affordable price to make your journey in Togo very enjoyable. And to ensure that all aspects of your trip are hassle free, we start the road with you by helping you book and buy your travel ticket. We don’t stop right there, We take the extra mile. If you are travelling to Togo our local agents will help you with our house and apartment rental services.

Our office in Lome located at 1278 Avenue Augustino de SOUZA, Lome- TOGO (opposite of gas station SHELL de Be) is also specialyzed in transit. Don't hesitate to contact us for any formality or customs clearance for your goods to simplify and to accelerate the crossing of the borders to the country of destination.

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electronics market imageWe know how important is for you to get connected with the world of technologies. That’s why we partner with technologies giants as Dell, Asus, Sony, Apple, Blackberry, Samsung , and more to get you the topmost products such as computers, cameras, cell phones etc…at the factory price. Why pay a price of eyes for a product somewhere else when you can get it with us at the price of a burger. Do you doubt it?

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African foods

fresh african food imageFrom our own experience we know how you are missing that yummy taste, and those healthy nutriments we all love in African foods. With our African fresh foods enriched by our organic lands, rivers and sea and invigorated by the sun, you don’t only put food in your much but you put life into your body. Do you want to get the taste and the freshness back?
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